A broken hearted mother- Debbie Reynolds

image.jpgIn agonizing pain I cried myself to sleep sharing in her grief. I often wondered if I too would make it or succumb to this heaviness in my chest, a broken heart struggling to recover and adjust to the emptiness left behind. A heart can only take so much. I screamed over and over asking rhetorically, ” mummy why did you leave me?”
I reached for the telephone and searched my Twitter feed for more information. Something that would describe this mother’s final moments of anguish and deep sorrow. Then I saw it, “Debbie Reynolds was so overwhelmed by her daughter Carrie Fisher’s death that  she cried ” I want to be with Carrie, I want to be with Carrie,” as she too took her last breath. 

 I understood, I got it. The death of a love one as I recently found out after my own mother’s passing, can wreak havoc on your own well- being, leaving you numb for a long time. The desire for one more chance to hold their hand or to hear their voice can rule your daily emotions. Denial, anger, depression, acceptance or just sadness are some of the stages of grief, so few coping mechanisms available. Yet, for some nothing makes sense anymore. Life is never the same…

R.I. P  to our love ones….

R.I.P Debbie Reynolds & Carrie Fisher


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