Letting go…..

I stumbled upon a pair of silver bangles that once were my moms’. I held them close to my bossom as if it was her hands clinging unto my chest. I decided that I wanted to wear them, but that would mean stripping my left hand with the sacred beads from my sister, and removing the gold bracelets, gold necklace and rings. Each piece of jewelry was of value to me. I paused for a brief second contemplating if I really wanted to do this. 

‘Do I really want to detach myself from these valuable pieces?’ Detachment….’when did I ever got attached to anything?’…..

I hurriedly removed each piece, stored them safely away and placed mother dearest bangles on my left wrist, a not so silver ring on my finger, and another silverish piece on my right hand. I tightened the clasp of the necklace around my neck, this piece with an emerald stone was  simple yet beautiful.  No amount of diamond nor gold outweighed the value of each of these pieces, all from my mom’s collection…I must remain free, free from attachment I thought to myself……

This brought me back to the teachings of Pema Chodron a Tibetan Buddhist monk that I followed over the years. ‘When things fall apart’ is one of her best sellers. ‘Relaxing with Impermanence’ spoke to my soul. It’s here where I learnt the art of detachment. I have found great peace and mindfulness  by her practices and teachings. 

I think it’s important to acknowledge our teachers, mentors, or people that just inspire us. (As much as we would like others to think we are geniuses, the world is filled with many great writers, bloggers, who all learnt from someone.)

As I sit here in the coffee shop admiring the beauty of South Florida, I embrace this beautiful day. My thought for today is ‘Letting go…’ whether it’s a broken promise, false belief, a person, a job or a place that no longer serves us. 

The message at church last Sunday was about Elisha holding unto an ox. Sheryl Brady reminded us that, something like a stupid ox, could have prevented Elisha from following Elijah and receiving God’s blessings. (Not taking away anything from this animal). She asked us to examine our lives and see what ‘stupid thing’ we are holding unto….unfruitful connections, relationships, the company you keep? ‘Stop following stupid’ she reminded us.’ It causes you to compromise, get out of character.’ 

I walked away gaining so much from that sermon, realizing that in every season of my life, there may always be something I have to let go of….

*Ralph Smart@Infinitewaters*


    3 thoughts on “Letting go…..

    1. What a bitter sweet read….we often hold on to things in the hopes of some resolution some that never ccomes. I would like to think that it is a coping mechanism of some sort. It is true in order to grow one have to detach. Great read….even GREATER advice.

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