A friend is…

To always be cherished….imageIt’s always nice when a sister or friend reaches out and sends us love. It was this beautiful pic above that I really needed…How could she have known that in this moment I needed to be reminded of who ‘I am’…..I am ussually very careful of my words and how I speak, especially about myself. However,  recently words like sad, heartbroken, overwhelmed and lost ….were following my ‘I am’. I am so grateful that she understood that even in this season of grief, I am still accountable for the words I speak as these words are constantly shaping my own reality.

So today…

I am truly grateful

I am filled with the awareness that only goodness surrounds me

I am comforted to know that people care

I am constantly reminded that we need each more than we care to admit….

 Sophia Haynes

Yet on the flip side of all this, in this season I have come to the realization that I know nothing……

I am filled with power yet in some situations powerless

I possess unremarkable strength, yet weak

I am the smile, the frown, positivity, negativity all combine

I am the friend that cares

So it’s with utmost gratitude that I receive this reminder from the Universe that a friend out there is thinking and caring about me enough to remind me who I am…..


To all of you beautiful people that reached out to our family during this season of grief….

I am…..

Great because of you…




5 thoughts on “A friend is…

  1. Peace and love Julie! God is with you ever step of the way and always remember each of us is on the road to recovery. Love you sis.


  2. I AM honored to call you my friend. It’s still and always will be a perfect world especially when we have beautiful friends to share in the rough times as eagerly as thy share the cool runnings..One!!!


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