She is no more…..

Mom wasn’t just a mom to my brother, sisters and myself. Mom was mom to everyone she met. Mom is gone, she left us yesterday, oh how she fought to stay here with us…..oh how wounded I am…my soul begs for one last touch….


R.I.P my mummy….

(to be continued)

2 thoughts on “She is no more…..

  1. Good Morning!

    You certainly have my deepest condolences! Having lost a mother almost 10 years now, I still miss her without a doubt. Therefore, I can only imagine what you are feeling!

    Your poignant note expressed to me what one could imagine; yet it really doesnt grasp the personal feeling of loss, emptiness, or, even abandonment you may possess.

    Just know that everyone has an expiration date. Also, your mother will forever be with you in spirit. You & your family have my deepest condolences! Please fell free to call and talk to me if you feel a need to…

    Warm regards,


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  2. I came on here just to see if you wrote something about Nan,and you did, beautifully said. She will always be with us..❤ I love you aunty.


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