I am…..


Hey, it’s been a while Since I wrote my last entry. I have been busy enjoying life, feeling pretty good. Watching the Olympics and cheering both the USA team and the Jamaican team just stacking up those goal medals is awesome. What have you been doing with your time? Life goes on…live your best life, until we meet again….Celebrate life, Celibrate you…keep on loving…


I am

I am that girl with the big smile

the sister, daughter, mother,

With no apologies I intend to never to let life pass me by,

I refuse to attempt to recover what was lost

or fathom what didn’t work, it’s the experience I hold unto the most,

it’s all necessary on this beautiful journey

realising never to get stuck or throw a pity party,

as I keep on,

Unwilling to stay there  on that same old mountain…

For I am she

I am me

it’s that beautiful feeling….

the happiness, the joy, new moments In the making…


I am love,




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