God Bless The good ole’ USA….


It looks to the world like it is such a terrible time to be American.  Yet to many of us immigrants it is the place where we live. The birth place of our children and our grandchildren. The year 2016 will be a year that many people will never forget. With the current political climate and Presidential Election, how could we ever forget this year. For me 2016, will always stand out in my mind as the year I embraced this Country where I have lived for more than two decades. It will be remembered as the year I called America, home……..


As I write this blog, I can’t help but to remember the many years of ‘heimweh’ (homesickness) I have experienced over the years. I always thought my country was heaven, a land of paradise. My love for my country prevented me from becoming attached to any other country I visited. No wonder ‘heimweh’ was the first German word I spoke when I was an Aupair in Germany. Homesickness and nostalgia would continue to haunt me wherever I went. To me there was no where in the world like Barbados my Country…..


As I am older now and have seen my American children all grown up. My family members and love ones are all scattered across America. This is our Country now whether we embrace it or not. The opportunities and life we have here are far greater than what’s going on in America. To the world around us it looks terrible, the crime rate, police brutality, and the ills that plague this society are headline news. Social injustices seen everywhere. People are loosing their lives everyday because of ignorance and stupidity.


Yet, I see a bigger picture. America is invaded with Hatred. This ‘Hatred‘ is not limited to this Country alone, it is worldwide. There is the absence of love for each other. Humanity is suffering a terrible blow. No one loves any more. Yet this country was built and founded by dreamers, and it’s this resilience that has made America great, and I do believe this nation will rise up from the ashes. It’s possible, and it will when we embrace each other and respect our differences.image

If America is not working for you, you can always move away. If the State you live in is not working for you, relocate, there are 52 beautiful States. Hatred will never work for you. Try loving today….Life is too short to be anything other than happy. 


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