Freedom: Are we really free? Thinking out loud…..


imageIs it the political climate?

Why are the Presidential nominees getting more attention than any other time in history?

Why are your minds controlled? Why are you giving so much attention to what always was?  Please don’t tell me there is now more police brutality, more racism than ever. If you feel this way what evidence do you have to support this? Images?

What I see now are cameras everywhere; lights, cameras, action….everything being recorded for us to see. If this is the proof, I rest my case. Yet, who controls the media who controls what we see?  We all know that only images that they want us to focus on ever really make it into our living rooms. We also know that what we focus on grows. Or do we know that? Our words are also very powerful. What are we saying to each other, what are we anticipating will happen in the near future?


My weird thinking sees something different. I see the forces and systems that have separated us for so long falling. Fear is setting in…..

The walls of religion and the separatism of one group of people  that tend to think they are chosen and judgment will fall on everyone else is falling.

The races are inter-mingling or should I call it

The gap between who is at the top of the wealth pyramid is closing in. Suddenly sisters are billionaires. More minorities now than ever are on that list. Sorry that my definition of minority is different than yours. Cause minority to me includes the struggling Caucasian single mom who sold cup cakes for a living, minority to me is not just a race of people. Minority to me is the less fortunate. The dreamers…..

Ignorance and hatred are taking over the world and what are we doing about it?


We must boycott the agenda of those whose job is to continue to separate us and focus more on loving each other. We must not spread their propaganda and let them use us freely to spread and contaminate each other’s brains with hatred.

We must examine our relationship with each other. Let the truth be told, we are filled with envy, jealousy, hatred and capitalism and greed continues to separate us.

We can stand on picket lines and defend ‘our right to be free’ and treated equally, yet we don’t even love and respect ourselves, each other. Killing of innocent lives is wrong…..there is no way around this…. but after 300 years of being free what have we done to show solidarity? What have we done to unite with each other….

Sorry my blog wont get too much likes, cause I feed my soul, and my soul is colorless…My soul is that of a woman wondering why the Human Race, the most intelligent species on Planet earth can’t seem to grasp the concept of Impermanence, the concept of of Love. Love for all, Love for our planet, Love for each other. Is it because it’s politically correct to hate people that don’t look like yourself?

Or is it simply the fear- factor? That we are fearful of what this world would be like if we all unite? Maybe then we would have to become our brother’s keeper like the good book says….We would be accountable for each other….we would be forced to distribute the wealth…the walls that separate us would be forced to fall…and hatred and greed would be eradicated.


Are you really free to choose love?

I am…..

I choose to love despite of…..

I choose to love freely…..

I choose to have joy and peace in my heart…

Please free me from my fuck-ups, cause there are many.   (When you know better you do better…Maya Angelou)

And I will continue to read your positive status quotes on Social Media. I may even share them. Yet I refuse to watch the Political Boxing game where one candidate unveils and another with their own agenda, and they fill us with the promise of ‘a better America’…and the food we eat is killing us…the greed and accumulation of things and more things does nothing for our bleeding souls dying to be comforted by love, compassion, kindness…. and somewhere in a lab another I-phone is being created, with more sophistication than the last, and in another place a child is hungry, and which one gets our attention?

We have become obsessed with our goals, what our lives should look like..more abundance…

And Hatred is brewing…..and we are in a deep sleep…..

And I am living my life, grateful for each awakening moment….and my soul loves…


Leave your comments below and follow my blog…

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