How full is your cup?


What happens when you thought you seen it all? You’ve cried and prayed, fought battle after battle, and just when you thought ‘I can finally breathe again’, you find yourself in the midst of another battle……death…illnesses…and once again there is nothing left to do but put on those resilience muscles and dive in deep, be that person that God made you to be, keep your head up high, and know that ‘this too shall past’….

I have worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant for many years now. Whenever I would apply for a new position I was proud to list the skills that differ me from other candidates, genuine compassion being my greatest strength. I love and care about people, I always have. It didn’t matter what their skin color was or economic back ground people are people. I was born this way…..I was proud to make a difference. I have worked with people with many  illnesses and became very knowledgeable and gained many valuable lessons from each individual.

Now  I am in the battle of caring for a family member, It’s a fight like none I have ever been apart of.  Suddenly life is scary, life is complicated, the knowledge, skill and experiences I have previously gained do prepare me, but this is so personal, this has hit home in a big way.

Doctors appointments, hospital visits, being that advocate, this can be so overwhelming. I have become obsessed with educating myself on diseases and illnesses and in doing so have found out that all these big name diseases point to the same thing, self neglect….people are not taking care of themselves. People are so busy trying to gain the whole world that and everyone is just loosing their soul…

What really is going on? So today I am asking what really is in your cup? What are you dealing with? How full is this cup?  We can look all around us and get so deeply involved with everything that is happening, it is so easy to loose focus, it’s so easy to loose oneself….it may be church work, that degree that you are working towards, that overwhelming job (just over broke) the kids, the family, your latest obsession…..or just life…

Is it worth it?

I am urging you to live life, exercise, stay in shape, eat a well- balanced meal. There is not enough nutrition in our food supply system anymore. Eat more fruits and vegetables as well as your supplements. Stock up on your vitamin d intake, calcium, iron. So many people are suffering from reflux and digestive issues. Introduce probiotics to help assist your digestive track. Drink lots of water, purify your mind, think positive thoughts, feel good, live good. Know when to take a break, go on vacation.

I know people are focused and goal oriented and every wants to be be wealthy these days, so many abundance tutorials and teachings all over….

And everyone’s cup is so full…..


We know now what we are, but know not what we will be...William Shakespeare

R.I.P to Hatred and the true evils that are robbing us….#Lovematters#



Beautiful Barbados July 2016

3 thoughts on “How full is your cup?

  1. So Many caribbean people leave thier Relaxing country to Côme to America to work work work!!!
    I hâve been a victim of that! I need to breathe more! And i need to fight thé dépression that comes with thé grind hère!
    Positive thinking and being around positive people make me look forward to my days! Bécause in Life there is always Something! Always!
    Gréât post from a gréât friend! 🙂

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  2. Illuminating post! You have shared your personal experience with us while providing a solution, what works for you.

    Totally agree, one must find the time, energy and fortitude to meet life’s challenges head on….The hustle and bustle of life in American constantly test your ability to stay positive and focus, while finding the resolve to combat the drudgery of day-to-day living. if one desires to live, we must remember to get “on the field”; realizing life is not a spectator’s sport…

    Know when the cup is truly full…

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