Newyork- Downtown BK-Gentrification


I have been so busy but need to share my thoughts….

Summer is here, NewYork summertime, unlike any other. Welcome to the new BROOKLYN, upper middle class neighborhoods now replace what we remembered as BK. Coffee shops on blocks where once stood bodegas, street peddlers, chinese restaurants, mamas or papas fried chicken. The effects of gentrification; Landlords making way for wealthy tenants, affordable housing, section 8 and most Public Assistance housing programs a thing of the past……what do you think?

I was amazed at the sight of Barclay’s  Center a few years back when I visited trip New York. Awesome, a beautiful landmark in the heart of  Atlantic Ave, surrounded by the Atlantic Center mall, Starbucks, and lots of cool restaurants and bars. Less than a mile down Flatbush, downtown Brooklyn is hardly recognizable. Gone are the little Jewish owned stores. Nordstorm, Forever 21, American Eagle, just to name a few are all apart of the New Brooklyn. Condos, sky scrapers and hotels now stand on streets that once housed welfare and many city buildings.

With this new ambience comes sky rocketing apartment cost. The Blacks and Hispanics that once were the majority here are unable to afford even a Studio apartment in the ‘New Brooklyn’. Gentrification is not new to Newyork city, as tenants were also forced out of Harlem, Williamsburg, and Parkslope to name a few neighborhoods.  Can Gentrification with all its ills also create the shift that  these lower class of people need to raise their standards of living, take ownership of their lives and improve their quality of living somewhere else?



imageWhat are your thoughts on the ‘New Brooklyn’?