The Lucky Warrior


The Lucky Warrior


With wide hips she stood tall
Slaying everything that came her way
Neither running or dodging trials
She knew every lesson was preparation for that day
With trembling hands clasped she would kneel and pray
Never a why me, instead a why not me?
Like a veteran actress, skillful with each role she got
As the curtains closed, lights, cameras, actions, always giving her best shot

Embracing life’s pitfalls, standing on solid ground
If only she had got it the first time around
Life lessons won’t need to be resurrected
Every act of love isnt always reciprocated.

The  warrior dances to the beat of her own drum

Dazzles and shines in her make belief costume
Filled with timeless wisdom and divine power
This is the true nature of a prayer warrior.


She does it her way,
Never taking for granted a new choice she has to make
Dying to give birth to a better way
Following the footsteps of phenomenal women
Lives shattered but not broken by long suffering
It’s all a wonder, how they conquered, such a mystery
Survival for this warrior is a true testimony
Filled with strength, resilience,
Marching hand in hand with impermanence
Some call her brave heart, some  say carefree
Some like to say this warrior is just lucky…


All original material by Sunshinesoulsister

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