Reflections… (Republishing since mom is now gone…..)


Yesterday I celebrated my birthday. I spent the day with my mom and it really was the best birthday present I could ever hope for. There weren’t any gifts to unwrap, no icing falling off the sides of a cake. Just the precious touch of her fragile hands as I held them tightly wishing silently that this moment would last forever…..

I was happy to spend this time with her, reflecting on my childhood, and being blessed with the best mom a child could ask for. Earlier that morning I questioned her about her kind of love for her kids. How was it possible for her to ever give so much love to us, our friends and everyone she met. How did someone that basically raised herself and never knew love have so much to give?


I was happy to hold unto my mom’s hand yesterday. I am happy to be able to comfort my mom as she prepares to bury her own mom. Her Queen, as she stated, her precious flower, her everything was now lying in a morgue. My relationship with my mom has been a very tumultuous one in my adult years. My mom’s relationship with her mom was the opposite. Yet I can proudly say I had the best mom in the world. My mom shared with me the ‘Dear God’ letters she wrote over the years begging for her mom to return from England to her…..and God surely brought her back. My mom had embraced her mom once they reunited. Thoughts of abandonment were replaced by forgiveness and years of love and sheer bliss shared between mom and daughter.

Me: ‘So mom how did you learn to love so much. ? Where did this love come from? This forgiveness, this kindness……?’

Mom: ‘Jesus, he loved me without limits, there is no greater love than his, he taught me how to love.’


As I reflect on my life, and gaze into the mirror of my own soul it’s important that I am authentic and living and practicing my own truths, that my value system is based on love and respect for all. It’s important that I always forgive others, and keep forgiving. It’s my prayer to love like my mom, to have that kind of  Jesus love for all….Please enjoy these images below of ‘Beautiful Barbados’ maybe there is someone out there you need to reach out to, so that when you reflect on your own life ‘people will matter more than things’…

R.I.P Grandmother

RIP mom…


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