‘Your Perception’…..is it hurting you?


‘Thoughts are things’ : Prentice Mulford

For many years I have struggled with ‘Perception’. It never mattered what others said, I would always interpret and process the information based on my own feelings, false beliefs or distorted truths. This has been a constant struggle. Here are some teachings I found interesting and helpful while doing the ‘work’ on myself.

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel.  

This is a must have book. Each agreement is vital to developing a healthy mental image. I stumbled on this book years ago and I have incorporated it into my daily living. The agreements may sound simple but in actuality our mindsets and patterns of thinking weren’t developed overnight. Many of them were shaped from our own emotions, experiences, some good, others bad. It takes lots of discipline and self-development to replace these negative behavior traits with positive ones.

The Third Agreement’ says it all:

imageHave you ever texted someone and waited…… and during the time they took to respond a million thoughts flooded your mind…some not so good ones….then out of the blue that person responded. You could feel their positive energy bursting through the telephone. You felt like a fool, there goes your ‘crazy, stinking thinking‘  They were busy and not ignoring your message, Your thoughts were sooo far from the truth. I have done this sooo many times and it’s still a work in progress. This has happened in relationships, casual as well as business. This way of thinking can be so dangerous and harmful. Once these negative seeds are planted in our minds, they indeed do grow…..



Our perception can cheat us of so much. I have also witnessed people that are such prisoners from their own thoughts and way of seeing things. When dealing with narcissistic people, it’s extremely difficult getting them to admit that they judged you incorrectly. They refuse to give up this way of viewing the world. They passed it unto their kids. This can cause so much suffering in our lives. Spreading lies and damaging people’s reputation have occurred as a result of people’s perceptions. They can build a case on someone from their own thinking. It’s important for me that I now ask questions. It’s necessary to give someone the chance to explain themselves.  I must admit that the battle is indeed in our mind…..

I have used the ‘Four Agreements’ by Don Miguel to change my thinking. I try my best to be ‘Impeccable With My Word’….I no longer ‘Take Things Personally’ …..I ‘Dont Make Assumptions’ and ‘I Always Do My Best’…….I stand by these Life- changing Agreements.Hope this helps someone…..


“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” 

― Wayne W. Dyer



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5 thoughts on “‘Your Perception’…..is it hurting you?

  1. I myself have a problem with the way I perceive certain things and this come from my emotional state of mind . I often let my mind take me places that aren’t necessary when interacting with people. , and this depends on the conversation . I believe after going through bad experiences the mind ibecomes wounded and therefore leave room for confusion . So to clear the clutter from our minds we have to self exam all the wounds mend them with happy taught sand surround our selves with only positive energy.

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  2. the people around you can brainwash your thoughts and perception…especially to the negative…when we start in the negative we like to wallow in it…. open your mind to different perspectives…
    good article… something to think about!

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