Another R.I.P…..



I saw a beautiful pic of a young lady, could be late 30’s or early 40’s on a friend’s whattsapp. As I scrolled down underneath I saw the words ‘R.I.P’.…Thoughts about my own life and the  many moments, the good and the bad came into my mind. I have learnt so much from doing dumb sh***t.…that  I can’t imagine not having these valuable experiences.

‘What I want to be remembered by?’ was the first phrase that came into my mind….I sighed…..I felt like I was programmed or domesticated to think this way…what about the life I now live? What about the memories I am creating for myself?

Am I really living?


Am I enjoying everyday and embracing what that day brings?

Am I attracting the same old circumstances as a result of a mind that replays the same old stuff daily?

Am I living in the past?

Am I living in the now?

Am I going after my own dreams or someone’s else?

Am I living the path my parents chose for me or following their own dreams?

Am I being authentic or a fake?


I want to always smile, I love being happy……

My philosophy on life is :

‘It will always work itself out’

‘And this too shall pass’

What about you and your life? Are you just concerned with the memories you leave behind and how society measures success?’ Or are you living, learning, messing up, getting back up after doing the same ole’ dumb crap that you swear you had outgrown?  Dating the same ole’ ‘Mr. or Mrs emotional unavailable?’  and forgiving yourself all over again….


I dare you to get back up…..if that didn’t work even after you have given it your all…try one more time….maybe this time you will get it right….

I dare you to live….


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