Mama over there
She rises everyday
Her body aches, her soul bleeds
So many mouths to feed

She angrily packs his lunch
Hoping one day they will take turns
Mama wipes the tears from her eyes
Replaced them with a smile
She longs for a better life
Something better than being his wife

Her thoughts want to go there
Mama remembers the words of her own mama
You were destined for greatness, the head and not the tail, above and not beneath
So why am I imprisoned
Feeling guilty for what reason
Subjected to lies, abuse, his anger, tired of hurting
I take the blame for not waiting.
Mama holds her head in shame….

I want more for you
Mama spins around
Was that her own thoughts, who made that sound?
Abide in me, trust in me,
I created you, made you in my own image
Woman I placed the desire for love in you
Someone who shares his love and  cherish you too

Your choices are not what I had in mind
Seek me first, and that special person you will find.
Let me mold you, take away your pain
I did it before, I can do it again.

I will wipe your slate clean
Give you a brand new start,
Come to me my precious child
Allow me in woman, let me heal your broken heart.

An original  poem written by me… April 2016



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