Relax, rejuvenate, Barbados…..Love thyself series cont’d…



I love coming home to Beautiful Barbados….

Wednesday 6 am….JetBlue Terminal JFK

I am sitting here in the departure lounge of JFK Airport, at the Jet Blue terminal. I am always excited about going home to Barbados. I am really looking forward to this trip as I have been working 7 days a week since the beginning of the year. Barbados is where I get to unwind, relax and enjoy quality time with family and friends. I will be sharing with you pics of some of the things I do and places I go when I am in Barbados.
See you soon……

Thursday 6am…..Beautiful Barbados..
It’s great to awake to the beautiful Sunshine and blue skies of Barbados. The weather is awesome, a cool breeze is in the air….It’s great to be home….off to get my hair braided….

Friday 9am….Italian Coffee Shop, Holetown St.James Barbados…..

Knowing when to take a break….

It’s important to recognize when you need to take time out from the every day hustle and demands of life. You may be saying this is impossible, the kids, the bills, your many responsibilities. I do understand all these things need your immediate attention, but what if you got ill? Now what?

We women wear many roles today. Some of us suffer from the ‘Super Woman Syndrome’. We tend to feel guilty, we think that if we are not taking care of everyone and everything that somehow we are being irresponsible. Oftentimes in doing this we neglect ourselves. The roller coaster of our own work obligations, being the mom, the wife, the sister, the auntie, continues, leaving us overwhelmed, stressed out, broken, worn out, both mentally and physically. This takes an emotional toll on our own well-being……

What will happen to those responsibilities if we take a time out  ?

Life will definitely go on…and that necessary break, that rejuvenation of our spirit allows us to be greater than we were before. There are great benefits of taking this time out for you….More happier, more enthusiastic, enjoying life, and most of all when you do this for yourself, you are doing everyone a favor….

So I encourage you today to take time out for you. It don’t have to be a trip. You could simply take a day off work, grab a book, find a nice quiet place and spend some quiet time all by yourself…..and recharge.


Love thyself series….to be cont’d…

More pics soon….



5 thoughts on “Relax, rejuvenate, Barbados…..Love thyself series cont’d…

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  2. damn right..all we do is work work work…even rihanna singing about work work work ..ha ha
    time you turn around your 60 and never took time to relax and enjoy life…always take time for yourself..mediate..and find your happiness!


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