Live, Laugh Love……



Today is an extremely cold day in Newyork City. It’s a time I get to reflect on the last month and deciding to finally get my blog going. It’s been awesome, traffic to the site surprisingly reached 1100 today.

There’s so much more that I have to add to this site. Years from now I will be reflecting on this day and the baby steps It took in creating a blog. Something I knew nothing about, but with determination I made it happened.

I spent some quiet time journalling in my ‘Live, Laugh & Love’ journal above. In the holder above contains three note books that I use daily.

  1. My Gratitude book
  2. My book of Prayer& Manifestations
  3. Things that were manifested book.

I journal in these 3 books every morning before I start my day. Today I spent most of my sacred time in the Gratitude book. I feel extremely lucky and blessed and I am very grateful.

I spent the afternoon listening to one of my favorite Spiritual gurus ‘Dr. Wayne Dyer’ – ‘The Power of Intention’. Dr. Wayne Dyer departed earlier this year but he surely left us a blue print of his wisdom and many spiritual principles to assist us on this journey call life. I too hope to touch and impact others through my own writings.

I would like to leave with you a poem by the famous Poet Dr. Maya Angelou. I also encourage you to venture out and commit to doing whatever it is you set out to do. Make it all about you and your ‘Intentions’ and once you make that first step ‘The Universe’ will conspire and provide you with the people, circumstances and assistance that you need to complete that task.

I encourage you to take that leapt of faith, and create a new story for yourself. How you see yourself is more important than how anyone sees u……….


The Lesson by  Dr.Maya Angelouimage



Live full and die empty…..

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4 thoughts on “Live, Laugh Love……

  1. Hi,
    I am from New York, now in California. You make you happy I am in California with warmer weather.
    I am a fan of Angelou. I teach English as well as history.
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s featured blogger. I was his featured blogger too. I met you on his site. Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip for two. That’s what I blog about.


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