Obsession Thursday’s Series #3: I love Books + My New Book: The Swap

I just love a good book, here are a few of the books I love…

  1. Man search for meaning by Victor Frankyl best book ever.
  2. Piece from broken pieces by Iyanla Vanzant….(every woman shoul read)
  3. Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill
  4. The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

There are literally thousands of books I love , I am such a book worm.  I enjoy writing as well…I completed ‘The Sparrow’ and now I am working on another…Below is an excerpt of ‘The Swap’.



“I have to get rid of that, I have to get rid of that. No not that one, that’ s the wrong one.”

The Nurse stopped in her tracks.

‘ Did I hear correctly?’ She muttered to herself. She gazed across the room. Yes indeed, she was tossing from side to side. Her lifeless body was now moving.
The patient known as “Lady D” was suddenly up, screaming words that made no sense.
The Nurse pressed the button alerting the Doctor on call.
This was huge, the impossible had occurred. A few minutes ago the Doctor had made the decision that it was time. Time to remove Lady D from life support. There was no hope. No return, Lady D had lied in that same state for 3 months now, hooked up to machines. The only sign of movement was the beeping sounds of the monitors. Suddenly there were green lights on all the monitors showing signs of life.

” Not that pole, it’s the other one,” she was screaming louder and louder.”

” It’s ok, it’s ok,” the Nurse gently grabbed her hands.

” You are back, you are back with us, ” the Nurse was astonished. Never in her twenty- two year career had she ever witnessed the scene in front of her.

“Omg,omg,” the Doctor placed both hands over his mouth as he entered the room.

This was unbelievable. He had just ordered the patient to be removed off life- support. This was miraculous. He ran over and placed the stethoscope on her chest. He checked her vitals.

Indeed ‘Lady D was back.’

“Did you make that phone call Nurse Pauline?” He had a blank face as he spoke in a whisper to the nurse next to him.

” I made it, they are on the way now,” the Nurse replied.

Dr. Jay walked towards the window, his gaze never leaving the patient lying on the bed. He bit down on his thumbnail. He was happy to see her lifeless body suddenly full of life, but he knew this was big. He would be ridiculed. He gazed at the Nurse as she held onto the patient’s hands, preventing her from injuring herself.

He had stood in this same position for months now, antagonizing whether it made sense to keep her here. He had watched family members prayed, day after day, night after night. Candle light vigils after vigils. Not a sign of movement, not a sign of life, Until today…….
It was a cold, dull looking evening. The London chill swept through the air. Lisa took a quick peep into the rear view mirror. She noticed those same bags under her eyes that she witnessed day after day. She steered back at her face. Suddenly she heard a bang. Her mouth opened, she screamed and covered her face as she saw a woman’s body flying through the air.

It seemed to be happening in slow motion. The body went in one direction as the bicycle folded in pieces under the front of the hood of her car. Lisa slammed down on the brakes, hitting the concrete barrier then loosing control as the her car flipped over.

She unbuckled her seat belt, climbed over and managed to squeeze herself out through the window on the passengers side of the back seat as the door to the driver’s side was completely jammed. Both of the front airbags had deployed. Broken glass was everywhere and blood was streaming down the side of her face.

Lisa scrambled over to the lifeless body of a black hair lady lying face down in a pool of blood. Lisa assumed she was dead, blood was flowing from a nasty gash at the side of her head.

“Omg, omg,” Lisa started screaming as she knelt beside the lady.

“Please wake up, please tell me your not dead. Omg, omg, someone please help, help me please.”

Lisa became frantic, yelling and screaming. Just then she saw flashing lights and the sound of sirens, seemed to be coming from both directions. Lisa blacked out.

“My head hurts,” Lisa gazed around the room, she saw the nurse heading towards her.

” Nurse, what happened to the lady?”

She remembered the accident. She had killed someone she thought.

” Please tell me she is not dead”

Excerpt from ‘The Swap’



I have a thing for ‘Self- Help’ books, and I live by Abraham Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’….a great source of Psychology..



‘Love Thyself’

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