imageSunset in Barbados March 2016


Being grateful goes a very long way….

  1. I am grateful for you…
  2. I opened my eyes and realized I get to be here another day…
  3. I am loved…..
  4. I get another chance to write….
  5. I can live my dreams…
  6. I can achieve all that I want to and more…
  7. I am so optimistic….
  8. I am smiling…
  9. He is here….
  10. It’s Spring-time, I love Spring, New York, Miami….
  11. Life is greater than I imagined….
  12. I am smiling…
  13. Healthy living…
  14. Sisterly love….none like it…
  15. Prayers manifested, prayers answered…
  16. Someone is inspired by me….
  17. The look in the eyes of the mom that her son returned home..
  18. My lover, hard, soft, kind, makes me smile…
  19. On my way to work…
  20. To be present and truly alive……

Enjoy a cup of coffee……Breathe kindness today



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Take me back…..An Island Girl woes- pt 2

imageIsland living…..

Just got back from Barbados, I had lots of rest, relaxation and fun…..While there I took some time to reflect on my own life and feeling very grateful for this journey…..

I started traveling as a way to escape normalcy. I’ve never been one to follow the crowd. I was an Aupair in Germany and Austria in my teens. I remembered standing holding unto my bicycle at the border of Austria and gazing in amazement at farmers toiling and laboring in the nearby fields of communist Czechoslovakia, I was 18 years old….my travelling and exploring journey had only just begun….

Working with many wealthy families allowed me the opportunity to travel throughout Europe and the world. Exploring and meeting people of other cultures was and still is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It gave me a sense of humility and deep appreciation for life and people. The lifestyles of the rich and the way they related with each other was completely different than my own childhood and cultural upbringing. These experiences changed my outlook on life. I realized at an early age that in some situations, poverty and the social conditions of poverty depended on the society’s definition of poverty. If you don’t have enough money to buy what society expect you to have you are seen as poor, and you in turn believe you are poor. Yet money never buys happiness…..


As I later migrated to the USA, got married and became a mom. I pondered daily and tried effortlessly to make sense of my new life and the many challenges of living in the diaspora. I must admit there are many joys and rewards of living abroad, a whole new world of opportunities awaits you. Yet there was always something missing…….

” Those who were seen dancing were thought crazy by those who couldn’t hear the music

I’ve lived in many neighborhoods in the USA….I’ve worked in  a variety of jobs. I have had the opportunity to be among  people of many economic backgrounds. I have observed self-centered people; People that only cared about themselves and those connected to them. These people are the most highly opinionated, selfish and mean- spirited people. Their way is the only correct way. They spend so much time judging others that they miss so much beauty in living. They are also some of the most unhappy and miserable people.

Life has to be more than just about oneself….life must at some point be about showing up for others, supporting and encouraging others. Spreading love, lending a helping hand, sharing and caring. Being happy when others go after their dreams and go on to becoming their highest self. Being prosperous and rich and being able to afford all the material things of this world will do nothing for your soul if you neglect to strengthen your people’s skills.

There are documentaries showing people from the poorest countries in the world living and loving each other despite of their conditions. I’ve seen and experienced this love and unity and genuine compassion for others in my own childhood. I’ve seen neighbors looking out for each other. I’ve witnessed the exchange of priceless moments as we celebrated each other, where everyone mattered. Where if someone went missing for a few hours a search would begin.


At that time I didn’t realize it but we were wealthy, we gave so much more of ourselves. Our spirituality and deep faith was the driving force. Gratitude was expressed much more often than any feelings of lack. I can’t help but wonder where we went wrong, how we missed it, we now love and value material things more so than each other. We compete to be better than each other…..So as I travel throughout life I yearn to go back to that place where we had less, but we loved and embraced each other more. Lets not forget how short our time on ‘planet earth really is’……We can never be whole and complete living a ‘me life’…….

Take me back……

Ladies loving life……


Barbados 2016

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Vagina Cries…..An Island Girl woes…



Being in Barbados evokes all kinds of childhood memories, some great, others bittersweet. Looking at young ladies here brought me back to my own struggles as a young female growing up on the Island. I remembered attending ‘The O’level Institute’ after High School. I was studying Economics and Commerce, as I dreamed of being a Politician. I was a very shy teenager and on my way to school every evening I had to pass a large motor bike group of mostly male riders in the City. They seemed to await me and would hurl all kinds of teases and sexual advances towards me. This made me feel very uncomfortable and It sickened me whenever I thought about going to school. This was one of the reasons that I would drop out of school and I made up in my mind that somehow I had to over come this shyness.

These type of advances on teenagers by an adult male is very common on the Island and throughout the Caribbean. Many of our childhood games, nursery rhymes, jump ropes, and the words we sang and danced to as kids had powers that we were unaware of. This all contributed and normalized things like poverty, broken homes, promiscuity, absent fathers and criminal behaviors. Many of the childhood of young girls were ripped from them as they fell prey to men and suffered all kinds of abuse, both physically and emotionally. Most of these young girls became very promiscuous and were stigmatized and labeled as ‘whore, slut’ and all kinds of degrading names. Many of them engaged in sexual activities way too young and ended up single with many children to care for under the worst poverty stricken conditions.

Women often engaged in many battles as they competed for men against each other. They used their bodies to keep men happy as a way for them and their children to escape the vicious cycle of poverty. This created a climate of hatred, envy and jealousy amongst females. That same hostile environment is still here today, whilst there is a ‘brotherhood’ of love amongst men and young boys, women despise each other.

This got me thinking. About where we are politically, socially and personally. About the rise of misogyny, male domination and the continued decline of self worth, respect, morals and lack of admiration for ourselves and each other as ladies. About our inability to lift each other up, to inspire and to encourage. About where we are heading as women when we are only seen as sex objects. Where videos of young girls engaging in the worst type of sexual acts are shared via social media. What different outcome can theses young girls of today achieve? In reality history is constantly being repeated, back to the days of slavery and the older uneducated Island woman being raped over and over again by the Master and used as a vessel for child-bearing. The woman was reduced to nothing but ‘A Vagina’.

As I write this my mind runs on Billy Ocean and what he was thinking when he wrote and sang ‘Caribbean Queen’ and Luciano’s ‘Mama’. Our own Alison Hinds and Jamaican Richie Spice ‘King & Queen’ was a beautiful tribute to President Obama and his wife Michelle Obama. Now we are ‘Delilah’s’ according to Movado. Vybes Kartel is ratchet in ‘mi meck yah pum pum happy, me meck yah pum pum smile’ and ‘Yah Pum- pum is paradise’ encouraging young women from his prison cell that their Vaginas is here mainly for entertainment purposes. “00h gal you are sumptin sumptin on fleek” the newly youngster Alkaline flashes dollars as the female dancers twerks and splits leaving nothing for the imagination.

It is no wonder that so many of us suffer with insecurities and self doubt. We keep replaying demoralizing lyrics in our heads reminding us that we are destined to fail. Planting seeds of unworthiness, attacks on our identity, confidence, relationships, and most of all our womanhood.

Can we go forward as women witnessing this rapid decline of our future ‘Queens and World Leaders’ in our Homeland, resorting to nothing but ‘tight pussy winers, sprouting nukies’, victims of incest and molestation, rape, sodomy, and all kinds of negative sexual behavior. Does the sexual climate in Barbados and the Caribbean now more than ever promote these patterns of destruction? Maybe this is world-wide, sadly a sign of the times we are living in.
Can we go forward with this obsession for ‘the Vagina’ and not the woman?

‘And the Vagina cries……’Rise up Caribbean Queens….destiny is calling’


‘It is time to effect a revolution in female manners- time to restore to them their lost dignity- and make them as a part of the human species,labour by reforming themselves to reform the world. It is time to separate unchangeable morals from local manners.’ Mary Wollstonecraft.



Relax, rejuvenate, Barbados…..Love thyself series cont’d…



I love coming home to Beautiful Barbados….

Wednesday 6 am….JetBlue Terminal JFK

I am sitting here in the departure lounge of JFK Airport, at the Jet Blue terminal. I am always excited about going home to Barbados. I am really looking forward to this trip as I have been working 7 days a week since the beginning of the year. Barbados is where I get to unwind, relax and enjoy quality time with family and friends. I will be sharing with you pics of some of the things I do and places I go when I am in Barbados.
See you soon……

Thursday 6am…..Beautiful Barbados..
It’s great to awake to the beautiful Sunshine and blue skies of Barbados. The weather is awesome, a cool breeze is in the air….It’s great to be home….off to get my hair braided….

Friday 9am….Italian Coffee Shop, Holetown St.James Barbados…..

Knowing when to take a break….

It’s important to recognize when you need to take time out from the every day hustle and demands of life. You may be saying this is impossible, the kids, the bills, your many responsibilities. I do understand all these things need your immediate attention, but what if you got ill? Now what?

We women wear many roles today. Some of us suffer from the ‘Super Woman Syndrome’. We tend to feel guilty, we think that if we are not taking care of everyone and everything that somehow we are being irresponsible. Oftentimes in doing this we neglect ourselves. The roller coaster of our own work obligations, being the mom, the wife, the sister, the auntie, continues, leaving us overwhelmed, stressed out, broken, worn out, both mentally and physically. This takes an emotional toll on our own well-being……

What will happen to those responsibilities if we take a time out  ?

Life will definitely go on…and that necessary break, that rejuvenation of our spirit allows us to be greater than we were before. There are great benefits of taking this time out for you….More happier, more enthusiastic, enjoying life, and most of all when you do this for yourself, you are doing everyone a favor….

So I encourage you today to take time out for you. It don’t have to be a trip. You could simply take a day off work, grab a book, find a nice quiet place and spend some quiet time all by yourself…..and recharge.


Love thyself series….to be cont’d…

More pics soon….



Live, Laugh Love……



Today is an extremely cold day in Newyork City. It’s a time I get to reflect on the last month and deciding to finally get my blog going. It’s been awesome, traffic to the site surprisingly reached 1100 today.

There’s so much more that I have to add to this site. Years from now I will be reflecting on this day and the baby steps It took in creating a blog. Something I knew nothing about, but with determination I made it happened.

I spent some quiet time journalling in my ‘Live, Laugh & Love’ journal above. In the holder above contains three note books that I use daily.

  1. My Gratitude book
  2. My book of Prayer& Manifestations
  3. Things that were manifested book.

I journal in these 3 books every morning before I start my day. Today I spent most of my sacred time in the Gratitude book. I feel extremely lucky and blessed and I am very grateful.

I spent the afternoon listening to one of my favorite Spiritual gurus ‘Dr. Wayne Dyer’ – ‘The Power of Intention’. Dr. Wayne Dyer departed earlier this year but he surely left us a blue print of his wisdom and many spiritual principles to assist us on this journey call life. I too hope to touch and impact others through my own writings.

I would like to leave with you a poem by the famous Poet Dr. Maya Angelou. I also encourage you to venture out and commit to doing whatever it is you set out to do. Make it all about you and your ‘Intentions’ and once you make that first step ‘The Universe’ will conspire and provide you with the people, circumstances and assistance that you need to complete that task.

I encourage you to take that leapt of faith, and create a new story for yourself. How you see yourself is more important than how anyone sees u……….


The Lesson by  Dr.Maya Angelouimage



Live full and die empty…..

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Obsession Thursday’s Series #3: I love Books + My New Book: The Swap

I just love a good book, here are a few of the books I love…

  1. Man search for meaning by Victor Frankyl best book ever.
  2. Piece from broken pieces by Iyanla Vanzant….(every woman shoul read)
  3. Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill
  4. The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

There are literally thousands of books I love , I am such a book worm.  I enjoy writing as well…I completed ‘The Sparrow’ and now I am working on another…Below is an excerpt of ‘The Swap’.



“I have to get rid of that, I have to get rid of that. No not that one, that’ s the wrong one.”

The Nurse stopped in her tracks.

‘ Did I hear correctly?’ She muttered to herself. She gazed across the room. Yes indeed, she was tossing from side to side. Her lifeless body was now moving.
The patient known as “Lady D” was suddenly up, screaming words that made no sense.
The Nurse pressed the button alerting the Doctor on call.
This was huge, the impossible had occurred. A few minutes ago the Doctor had made the decision that it was time. Time to remove Lady D from life support. There was no hope. No return, Lady D had lied in that same state for 3 months now, hooked up to machines. The only sign of movement was the beeping sounds of the monitors. Suddenly there were green lights on all the monitors showing signs of life.

” Not that pole, it’s the other one,” she was screaming louder and louder.”

” It’s ok, it’s ok,” the Nurse gently grabbed her hands.

” You are back, you are back with us, ” the Nurse was astonished. Never in her twenty- two year career had she ever witnessed the scene in front of her.

“Omg,omg,” the Doctor placed both hands over his mouth as he entered the room.

This was unbelievable. He had just ordered the patient to be removed off life- support. This was miraculous. He ran over and placed the stethoscope on her chest. He checked her vitals.

Indeed ‘Lady D was back.’

“Did you make that phone call Nurse Pauline?” He had a blank face as he spoke in a whisper to the nurse next to him.

” I made it, they are on the way now,” the Nurse replied.

Dr. Jay walked towards the window, his gaze never leaving the patient lying on the bed. He bit down on his thumbnail. He was happy to see her lifeless body suddenly full of life, but he knew this was big. He would be ridiculed. He gazed at the Nurse as she held onto the patient’s hands, preventing her from injuring herself.

He had stood in this same position for months now, antagonizing whether it made sense to keep her here. He had watched family members prayed, day after day, night after night. Candle light vigils after vigils. Not a sign of movement, not a sign of life, Until today…….
It was a cold, dull looking evening. The London chill swept through the air. Lisa took a quick peep into the rear view mirror. She noticed those same bags under her eyes that she witnessed day after day. She steered back at her face. Suddenly she heard a bang. Her mouth opened, she screamed and covered her face as she saw a woman’s body flying through the air.

It seemed to be happening in slow motion. The body went in one direction as the bicycle folded in pieces under the front of the hood of her car. Lisa slammed down on the brakes, hitting the concrete barrier then loosing control as the her car flipped over.

She unbuckled her seat belt, climbed over and managed to squeeze herself out through the window on the passengers side of the back seat as the door to the driver’s side was completely jammed. Both of the front airbags had deployed. Broken glass was everywhere and blood was streaming down the side of her face.

Lisa scrambled over to the lifeless body of a black hair lady lying face down in a pool of blood. Lisa assumed she was dead, blood was flowing from a nasty gash at the side of her head.

“Omg, omg,” Lisa started screaming as she knelt beside the lady.

“Please wake up, please tell me your not dead. Omg, omg, someone please help, help me please.”

Lisa became frantic, yelling and screaming. Just then she saw flashing lights and the sound of sirens, seemed to be coming from both directions. Lisa blacked out.

“My head hurts,” Lisa gazed around the room, she saw the nurse heading towards her.

” Nurse, what happened to the lady?”

She remembered the accident. She had killed someone she thought.

” Please tell me she is not dead”

Excerpt from ‘The Swap’



I have a thing for ‘Self- Help’ books, and I live by Abraham Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’….a great source of Psychology..



‘Love Thyself’

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Love is…



  1. I love the way you took me by surprise.
  2. I love that you always finish what you started.
  3. I love that you are rugged on the outside, yet so kind- hearted on the inside.
  4. I love that you waited…..
  5. I love that you are so consistent, and you always keep your word.
  6. I love how caring and compassionate you are.
  7. I love how you call my name, ‘J’
  8. I love your cooking, those meals and how you make sure everyone eats..
  9. I love how you always put me first.
  10. I love how forgiving you are, and you forgave me, and you are back…..

Love never changes, it becomes constant and available in an unlimited supply.   Iyanla Vanzant…


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