Wake up and live..


Suicide…..or Suicidal

Have you noticed the amount of people rushing off this planet?

Why are so many young, beautiful, full of life people saying goodbye?

Reality stars, Movie Stars, Entertainers, you name it. The suicide rate here in the USA is sky- rocketing. Almost every month someone is checking- out of planet earth. In Japan, it’s an epidemic. Never before have people been exposed to such a vast wealth of knowledge. We are living in a time of information, the age of cyber- space. just at the click of the mouse, and you have it. How to do this, how to do that. Learning tutorials, videos, documentaries, webinars, Wikipedia, the world wide web at your fingertips.

Social media, Is it too much for us to handle?

Are we really as intelligent as we would like to think?

Is this over load of technology and information too much for mere human beings? If you are feeling the blues one day you don’t have to wait three weeks to contact a family member. Gone are the days when you would page them with your beeper and pace up and down waiting for a response. No more snail mail forget the Post Office. Now you can video chat or make phone calls  on Whattsapp, Face Time, Imo and so many others.

Suddenly our lives are not ours anymore, yet there are some pros about these media platforms that all of us can admit makes us feel so much closer to relatives and friends far away. You can search and instantly connect with anyone. Or are these valuable assets, this immediacy provided by these media outlets hurting us more than we care to admit? Are the rewards too little in comparison to the invasion of our privacy that we freely surrender?

Being able to see others create magic in their personal lives by capturing and sharing happy moments, successes and achievements for some seems so rewarding.

What about that person that just can’t seem to get their head above water?

Setbacks of all kinds, defeats one after the other. Those whose lives are filled with turmoil and despair. Up one day only to be knocked back down again tomorrow. Are these connections sincere enough for us to foster meaningful relationships, whether it’s a relative or someone to talk to if we are in a downward spiral?

This is the Life we now live…..

Building resilience, bounce back muscles, getting back up after a major disaster, I have been there. Yet it’s not easy at all. Not everyone can handle the ultimate kind of life experiences that can either make or break you. A transition for some is a means to a new beginning, new paths and opportunities for growth. For others the process of change can be totally devastating.

Yet we must find a way to prevail, to find joy in living. We must embrace impermanence, and end our own suffering. Our false beliefs and attachments to what isn’t real can set us up for failure. Developing our own spirituality, an awareness of total responsibility for our lives. Accepting that in time things have a way of working out in our favor. There is a higher power at work and if we only surrender. New miracles await us, a light at the end of the tunnel.

Life is magnificent, life is waiting to give us always, another chance….

Life is the Female Professional Surfer loosing her arm in the jaws of a hungry shark, adjusting to life with one arm, and going on to be the proud mom of a baby son.

Life is a Nurse contracting a deadly form of bacterial meningitis, loosing her limbs, and going on to fulfill her dream of being a model. She walked the runaway during Newyork fashion week. Here is what she had to say, ” You’re in charge of your own reality, yes what happened to me was horrible but I have to change that negative into a positive.”

Life is a husband finding love again, remarries two years after his first wife drowned their five kids in a bath tub after kissing him goodbye and wishing him a ‘good day at work’.

Life is the tumultuous affair that tore your heart to pieces, the heartbreak, the betrayal, the divorce, the financial nightmare, the miscarriage, a serious sometimes fatal health problem, the death….

the abuse, the rape, the crime, the brutal killing of a love one…

Life is the story you are telling yourself about yourself….are you comparing your life to others? Are you so hooked on Reality Tv, all the glamour, is it all real or simply phony?  Maybe you should be careful of what you are watching on tv. Is this contributing to you being unhappy?

What you are dealing with might be very difficult but it’s important to be optimistic, focus on positive outcomes. Create a new story…..it’s all possible. Accept yourself for who you are, embrace you, your flaws and all….

Don’t give up on yourself. Find ways to bring joy back into your life, focus on the new life you want to have. Resilience takes time so be kind to yourself.  Maybe you should take a time out from your regular routine, try something different. Take a vacation, a trip somewhere.  Some days will be more challenging than others, set goals, visualize yourself in your new life..

Death, Suicide, the unknown, is never  the answer.

When life gets overwhelming and I need to take a pause, this is where I go……Barbados……..my home not so faraway…..


‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts.’ Winston Churchill

― Henry David Thoreau, Walden: Or, Life in the Woods


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