Obsession Thursday’s- Series 1

What’s Your Fetish?

Pretty Panties

Today is Obsession Thursday’s, the first in a series of things I love to a point of obsession….

It’s not Valentine’s day……I just have a thing for clean, pretty panties….

Look I am a caregiver of a 62 year old lady, that only wears tong underwear….I think that’s so cool….what do you think? Sorry no grandma underwear here…

Anyone that knows me know I obsess so much with pretty panties that I even sell pretty panties whenever I visit my country Barbados….

Right now I am obsessing with the silk and lace boy- shorts…the kind that hugs your butt cheeks nicely, displaying lacy edges..

What pretty panties are you obsessing on….

I have so many interesting blog topics that I can write on, but today I am obsessing on my pretty panties…

Come on ladies, this blog is about ‘Loving thyself, self-love’ you can wear pretty panties every-day of the week. And please don’t tell me “these are period panties” gone are the days when ladies wear the biggest grandma panties to accommodate their menstrual cycle.

We have :

G- string

Underwear with ‘Love’ on the butt and all kinds of words

Boy shorts

Lacy Tongs

Regular Tongs

Sexy string boy- shorts

Sexy string tongs

My favorite of all, the never go out of style Lacy tongs….

Come on ladies, those are better than the panties that give you wedgies….

talking about wedgies…..

Have you ever been in a crowd and caught a ‘vagina wedgie?’ That’s the worst feeling, omg….and getting it out….tell me about it ladies….

Thats why I take the time to carefully choose what ‘pretty- panty’ I will choose to wear for the day….and ladies please make sure you have a surplus of clean pretty underwear, I say at least a 30- day supply. Even pretty period panties.

And please know when it’s time to dump that no longer pretty panty….

If you won’t let your man see you in it….

Time to dump it…

If it’s a boxer shorts that now fits like a tong, it’s time to go…

If the ‘S’ off Sexy is washed out, it’s time to go, it’s no longer sexy, it’s ‘exy’……

Being the confident  woman you are, your under clothing should speak that as well….

How about ‘ matching bra’ underwear?

Love em’

and if you are frugal like I am, Walmart have the ‘very-sexy’ brand…..

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on pretty underwear.

Pretty pink underwear….I wore PINK before Victoria Secret came out with that line. I totally love pink, pink lace, tiger and pink, peach and pink, turquoise and pink……I LOVE PINK….

Back in the Caribbean my mom would always say to myself and my three sisters, ” make sure you have nice clean underwear before you leave home.”

I am not sure if that’s where my obsession with underwear came from. On my last trip to my storage unit in Queens I found a bag full of brand new ‘pretty panties, that I had even forgotten were there. I smiled to myself, I am an addict, an underwear addict, a pretty- panty addict…

And I wear pretty panties, not for special occasions, not for a man, I am single. I wear pretty, clean panties because I love me…

So hi, it’s ‘Obsession Thursday’s…..check in with me next Thursday to see what I am obsessing about….


“A lady is as sexy as the panties she wears all day long…”

Sunshine Soulsister





8 thoughts on “Obsession Thursday’s- Series 1

  1. I remember when I was in my young adult years I would practically live in thongs but as I have gotten older I find myself wearing bikini underwear. Lol. My and my girlfriend was having a conversation about how much we have changed since becoming mothers. I think as women you should always wear clean and of course pretty underwear. I also remember my mother telling me and my sisters when we we’re growing up make sure you have on clean underwear you never know when you might pass out and you have to be cut out of your clothes… Lol. I didn’t quite understand what she meant until I got older. Every time I step out the house it’s a must that I have on clean and pretty panties.

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  2. I was never one to buy pretty panties, truth be told I didn’t own many panties, until one day I let my sister in on my little secret,she was in awe and disbelief, I was so ashamed I went to Macy and I could not stop from buying panties. Now I have more than my share and I don’t have to recycle them anymore.


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