Living with a room-mate half my age….

Meet Gahbae, she is young, sassy and so sweet. Gahbae is Trinidadian. This is my room-mate, a younger version of myself. We met via Craig’s-list and hit it off right away.

Gahbae came to NewYork to pursue her music career. She is a great musician. Look out Rhianna, ( my little niece). Rhianna is Bajan like myself and I think of her as my niece. Gahbae has the same free- spiritedness as Rhianna and will definitely bring a freshness and brightness to the Music Industry.

Sometimes I think of Gahbae as my daughter. I remember one night she had a gig in New- York city, I slept most of the night, and  woke up about 5am, I looked in her room but she was not there. I begun to panic, but reminded myself that Gahbae was grown, and she was not my daughter.

However, as 10 am approached, I got worried, I picked up the phone and called. Gahbae answered in her deep Trinidadian accent. “Hi Gil, I hay in de studio, I decided to drop by, haha.” That ended my worries. For sure Gahbae knows how to care for herself. She was 25 yrs old, alone in this big city but not at all timid or withdrawn.

This took me back to when I was 18 years old, standing in the middle of Frankfurt Airport, looking all around for my host family. This was my first stint of being an Aupair and being away from home for a long period. I had travelled before to England where I visited relatives, but this was different. I was going to stay with strangers.

This airport was huge compared to the little Grantley Adams Airport in my Island Barbados. It was useless trying to communicate with anyone. I didn’t speak an ounce of the German Language. I waited abit and up came Madeleine and Mr. Kratzenberg, the family I was going to be staying with. I had met them at the Glitter Bay Hotel where I worked in Barbados and was happy to introduce them to my mom. My mom was abit hesitant about allowing me to go to Germany with these strangers but she knew I was capable of taking care of myself and being an Aupair would be easy as I love kids, being the eldest of 5.

In this moment living with Gahbae introduced me to my younger self. We had so many fun moments. I encouraged Gahbae to work on her career and not get caught up with falling in love as this could be such a distraction. I was so busy living life, being free- spirited and travelling, that later at 25 when I was married, I thanked God that I had those younger years to look back on.

Having a younger roommate full of life, asking for opinions on which half- naked outfit she should wear or hearing her dating woes, or even reminding her to eat filled me with great joy in this season of my life. Go Gahbae, follow your dreams, never ever giving up. Please visit


Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.      Harriett Beecher Stowe




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