Letting go..

Letting go of what people think about you is the highest form of self love…Love thyself…

I love myself enough to take time to care for myself. That involves preparing nutritious meals, pampering myself and being patient with myself. I am a lover of people, that hasn’t always worked on my behalf, but what that has taught me is how to definitely take care of myself. I would go so far out of my way to help others. Why not do the same for oneself.

Some of us walk around with that “please love me” sticker on our foreheads, while that little voice inside is crying out to you the same. It’s so easy to settle into relationships where you are just giving and giving and never on the receiving end. That can only provide you with a temporary satisfaction as we all craved to be love. Love is an action word. Someone saying ” I love you” and never showing that they really do is meaningless.

In order to really love another person, we must begin to love ourselves just as much, taking the time to spend quality time with ourselves. Using that same love we would give to another to ourselves.  Today I embrace myself, today I love myself…

Love thyself…

2 thoughts on “Letting go..

  1. Self love is extremely important. You can’t please everyone and that’s okay. As long as you’re happy with you to me that’s all that matters. Live for yourself and no one else. That is what I live by.


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