Ready to embrace the single life!

It’s approaching Valentine’s Day, and I am ready to dive in to the single life. I am excited about being single. I have so many things planned for this life of singleness. I started working out again and that feels really great. I have created a vision for myself as a single woman. Here are a few things I want to focus on in this season of my life.

  1. I want to increase my spirituality. My prayer life. I want to connect more with God. It’s during these times more than ever that I get to spend that one on one time with God. I am currently reading the book of proverbs, 1 chapter a day. Yes, I do need more Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding….loving this teaching.
  2. Fitness- I started back excercising. I am now looking to join a Zumba class in New York city.
  3. Nutrition- I am vegetarian and pledge to cook more, create fun nutritious recipes.
  4. Spend time with family.
  5. Reconnect with old friends.
  6. Travel, travel, travel..
  7. Write more…
  8. Publish my book ‘The Sparrow’
  9. Complete my second novel ‘ The Swap’
  10. Live, laugh and love thyself….




7 thoughts on “Ready to embrace the single life!

  1. This is very interesting… I can relate to everything you said, especially about loving oneself. I to am trying to make some big changes in my life. Keep up the good work!


  2. Your story about depression really opened up my eyes. Most of what you said I’ve been through myself and can’t seem to find away to deal with it but after reading about how you dealt with yours is going to help me to deal with mines. Very nice.Thanks for sharing your story. Keep up the good work! !


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