I feel good …

Feeling good is the strategy… Neville Goddard

She closed her eyes in an effort to block out reality ,

She was awakened by what sounded like her own breathing, deep breaths interrupted by short snores,

She awoke with a smile on her face

He was gone…

Neville Goddard

She felt good..she was relieved !!

Life felt good!!


Move on my love…

The heart can be manipulative, the heart can lead you down the wrong road, the heart wants what the heart wants….

Move on sweet child!!

It’s time to move on…

Move on…


Beauty- Career- Life- Love

Passion- Idea- Business- Enterprise

From Passion to Enterprise: How this start-up poultry company is infiltrating the chicken and livestock Industry in Barbados in a unique way.

Pro- Chick Enterprise

In 2018, work- mates and close friends Jamaine Wiltshire and Lora Crawford decided to act upon Jamaine’s love for farming, a childhood passion which stemmed from his love of nature and helping his father look after the family animals and Lora’s administrative and clerical skills. The two decided to pair their differing skills and interest together and co-invest in a Poultry Business.

Rachael Hinds & Jamaine Wiltshire

“Our Vision is to provide quality and affordable meat to the community, to venture into the Livestock industry, and to educate and employ as many young people as possible, and to expand into different meat markets”

Located at Kirtons #2. St. Phillip in Barbados, Pro- Chick Enterprise is operated by family and friends who all assist with the day to day operations of the Business- Husbandry, Freighting, Processing, Marketing, Sales, Delivery and Administration, everyone plays their part in making the business work.

1. Craft…

The birds are caged in chicken pens for a period of 6-8 weeks. They receive natural ventilation and daily care by our family. We take great pleasure in their daily well- being and raise them with lots of love and TLC.

Jamaine Wiltshire of Pro- Chick Barbados
Pro Chick Enterprise

“Along with the chicken, we currently stock a small quantity of lamb and goat, as we are planning to expand our livestock production. We have had some challenges along the way, as access to additional funding is limited. The poultry industry is already a saturated market and getting our poultry into those wider markets is also a challenge for us. These challenges forced the team to come up with new and innovative ways to do business. We needed to be creative and find our ‘niche’ market. This is how ‘The Family At Home Program’ was bred.”

2. The Family At Home Program

A friend of Lora, living in Maryland heard about the business and wanted to support it and decided to purchase and have chicken delivered to her relatives in Barbados on a as needed basis. Soon word spread and other friends and family living in the diaspora were doing the same thing, purchasing chicken and having it delivered to their family in Barbados. The Family At Home Program took off and made a tremendous impact to the company.

‘All it takes is an email or phone-call from the family member abroad, we process the payment and we deliver to your relative’s home or business’ Lora Crawford of Pro- Chick Enterprise

Pro-Chick Barbados…

Bim is home….

As a child we often sang a song called ‘God Bless Bim on Independence Day’… written by The Merry Men, a popular Bajan Band who sang Calypso and folk music all over the world long before our very own Rihanna came on the scene. If you are wondering what’s ‘Bajan’… it’s another name for a Barbadian….Bim, derived from Bimshire is an epithet as well..a name we call Barbados.

Fore- Day Morning Crop- Over 2022

It’s Crop Over, it’s the time of year where we get to play mass. Bajans in the diaspora and visitors from all over flock to Bim this time of the year. It’s a time of Celebration, Cultural events and activities that honors the end of the Sugar Cane season. This six week festival celebrates all that’s Bajan. Grand Kadooment day is the finale of Crop Over events, where masquerade bands with revellers dressed in colorful decorated costumes in an array of colors dance in the streets behind music trucks.

My first week was spent with family and later as a Counselor at a Summer Camp. So many memories flooded my mind as I stood in the corridors of my old Primary School. I am a ‘boy- mom’ so it was heart-warming to be assigned to a group of boys ages 8-11. They sang and danced painted, played games and cheered each other on in field sports. This was truly a week to remember.

‘Dance Monkey‘ performance by the Campers
Barbados Defense Force

My country is very strict on Crime, the Task Force as well as the Barbados Defense Force were out in numbers as they diligently secured the streets and highways during this festive time of the year. Kudos to these very hard- working Soldiers and Police Officers.

Foreday Morning 2022

Kadooment Day 2022

Kadooment Day

Kadooment Day

Grand finale – Kadooment 2022

Cropover 2022 Bim

Bim I love you❤️

Kadooment 2022
Kadooment Day 2022

Bim is home….🇧🇧

I love Newyork p/t 2

I am a deep thinker..

The transformation was happening right before our eyes.. ‘who has eyes to see let them see’ – the diversity, neighborhood upscaling, gentrification at its best, immigration laws that lead to massive deportations.

Then the pandemic, an unprecedented year of lock- downs…radical lockdowns..streets left bare…the imposition of stringent travel restrictions and social interactions…thousands by thousands, bus loads, on trains, by air… said their goodbyes in search of sunny skies..a new ‘New York’ emerged…

There was a time when I would wander around asking people ‘how could you live here?’ A lady once told me it was a dream that made her packed her bags and jumped on the Greyhound Bus leaving Texas and her nomadic lifestyle behind…

Park Slope, Brooklyn

Dilapidated buildings and crowded street corners with unfriendly faces now a thing of the past.

It’s a vibe, a peacefulness, tranquility, like a rebirth of a City, warmth, scooters, delivery riders zooming in and out of traffic, cyclist, Citi-bank bikers, runners and pedestrians heading to local attractions. Subarus booming with the sound of afrobeats. Dog lovers everywhere.

Central Park

A soul searching, a change of heart…I am smiling -I love Newyork ❤️

Sip & Paint NYC
New York

Julie- SSS

I love Newyork…p/t 1


As I drove from JFK International airport through the streets of Brooklyn, I gazed in utter amazement at the dismal, dreary and very shocking scenery ahead. Massive murals of graffiti illuminated by the bright city lights, images plastered all over seemed to turn walls into personal canvas.

NY Street Art Mural Company

This is the place where my babies were delivered.. I proudly jumped the broom at Grand Army Plaza. Baby showers, christenings, graduations, this was home away from home, as our families grew bigger and bigger.. From Bedstuy to New-Lots Ave, East New York Brooklyn, muggins, shootings, gang violence, Arab owned corner-stores. Jay- Z, the late Biggie Small, Naughty by Nature, Old-Dirty Bastard, Salt& Pepper, Mary J- Blige, gangsta rappers became my idols. This was New York….

Always mind your business and you will be ok…

I was later relieved to move to Hollywood Florida. The Southern lifestyle reminded me of the Caribbean… It was here I did years of outreach work in the streets of Broward County where I was known to many as ‘Ms.Julie’ … I fell in love with South Florida. It was completely different than New York, this was country living…

Salt & Pepper Rap Group
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I love New York to be cont’d..,.

The Pause…

You won’t break my soul…..🎶 by Beyoncé

I tested positive for Covid -19, my roommate tested positive, my patient tested positive… this was the third time testing positive, this time she didn’t make it, she died … RIP to everyone that passed from Covid- 19 or one of the variants…

Covid Positive

It’s been months now since I tested positive, life have changed in so many ways…

I went from working 24/7 to hardly working, I am taking time for me..

Self care is having picnics in the park and taking baths…

Self care is saying no..

Self care is not being bothered about people that walked out of your life…

Self care is about closing doors…

Self care is definitely sharing and caring …

I am Love❤️
Julie Sunshine🌹Miami Florida

Drinking water, taking my vitamins and minding my business!!!

Take care of you!!!


Strength of a woman…

Giving up is not an option…

She may hold her head in her hands and wonder, she may scream, sometimes make a fist to consume the anger,

She oftentimes stop to ponder the betrayal, the hurt, cruelty thrown at her, the confusion sets in, yet she picks herself up time and time again..

‘And this too shall pass,’ her motto, she holds dearly to her heart..yet she continues to push, to carry on…. no matter how long the situation last..

Her sweat and blood passes the greatest test, the entanglements come and go.. but she knows no defeat… it’s all for a worthy cause, she always performs at her best..amidst the critics, naysayers.. she survives the heat..

She looks to the heavens confidently smiling, that trademark gap in her front teeth..

She knows this race is certainly not for the weak..

She is a woman..

Auntie Mia

The Honorable Mia Amor Mottley- Prime Minister of Barbados 🇧🇧
With Congresswoman Maxine Walters🇺🇸

Winter cares..

Home away from Home…

It was April 6th, 1982, instead of waking up to a mild sunny Tuesday residents of Schoharie Village, a town nestled in the Catskills Mountains and the valleys of the Scohoharie Creek region were surprised to find themselves in winter, the weather showed no regard for the calendar.

Schoharie County, Catskills NY April 19th, 2022

It happened again just yesterday, the villagers found themselves drenched with 40 inches of snow. The picture above was taken by a neighbor, she had travelled last week to escape Brooklyn and enjoy the village’s outdoor fresh air and a few festive activities.

Catskills, Newyork

Last Spring I was lucky enough to work in the Catskills where I spent early mornings taking pictures…

Most days the weather was damp but beautiful, air was moist..

Shandaken, Catskills Ny
Bus depot, Shandaken NY…

As I reflect on this time last year when these pics were taken, how different it was then to compare with this year, when winter decided to return in April..

I think about the storms of life, the good times, the bad times and the challenges that reminds us of how resilient we are. We must find the courage and strength to dig deep and go on. It may be an abandonment, betrayal, or a death of a love one, but just like the seasons, they maybe some confusion. That step back might be what we need to get it right.. it might be a little self- care, soul-searching …to be continued!

Farmers Market, Brandon’s Barbados
Rihanna in Barbados April 22’

My mind drifts to home…home sweet home..


Yet I understand the assignment..

Our home was five minutes away from the beach yet I would sit in my classroom everyday and day- dream, looking forward to Sundays. My mom wanted my siblings and I to have a decent education. School and our studies were very important, we weren’t allowed to roam and play outside as much as our friends could. I longed to run and play on the beach and ride the waves. This we did on Sundays. …

St. James Barbados

I loved sitting on the beach and gazing out at the horizon. Digging deep holes in the sand, piling dry sand upon wet sand and making beautiful sandcastles.. all the while dodging the waves as the tide went back and forth effortlessly…

I migrated many years ago to the USA, nevertheless Barbados will always be my home.. I awake each and every day driven to make a difference in this world. The warmth of the Sun stays in the depths of my heart. I walk into rooms bringing that warmth and compassion, it’s my caring nature, it goes with me…

It’s holding the hands of a Hospice Patient.. facing the unknown…reflecting on a life well spent..or caring for a newborn…I really miss home but again .. I understand the assignment!!!

Bridgetown, Barbados
Beautiful Barbados
Hilton Hotel Barbados
Sandy Lane Barbados!